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  1. Dear Roger, congratulations with your lovely and modern website. I love to visit here to re meditate on the previous parasha teachings or those I missed out on. What a complete and well said explanation of “Who we are” . I will also use this as reference to others that ask me about my messianic faith and fellowship.

    1. Hi Mariska, So sorry to have taken such a long time to respond to your comments. Many thanks for your kind remarks. Please do continue to leave your comments on any part of the website that you choose. Blessings and shalom, Roger

  2. You have eloquently expressed the highest character of Christ in your group. The site clearly leads a person to answer all our questions.

  3. Shalom – I am an evangelical believer, and prefer to call myself a follower of the “Way”, as spoken of by Paul in the book of Acts. Sad to say that I am not happy with the teachings (sic) at the fellowship that I attend, and have long been searching for a deeper more meaningful relationship with Yeshua reflecting His Jewishness and following the laws and customs that He lived by. I have just happened on your website, and would be interested to know more! Unfortunately I live in Howick, and not near enough to the coast to attend your meetings on a regular basis, and wondered if you know of any “same minded” groups in the KZN Midlands. Till I hear from you , will be following on your website. Blessings in the name of Yeshua,
    Fran Terry.

  4. Hi Francis, Thanks for your comments. I do not know of any group as you describe in KZN Midlands but will keep my ear to the ground. You are always welcome to join us here in KZN whenever you would like. Just check on the ‘EVENTS CALENDAR’ under the MEKUDESHET tab for details. Shalom.

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