Bagels and Cream Cheese A Messianic Jewish Handbook Volume 2

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These 3-volume books comprehensively explore Jewish Messianic identity in its richness and diversity. In volume 2, you will discover fascinating and in-depth meanings and a deeper understanding from a biblical perspective in the following areas:


  • MODULE 8. Israel, the Church and Zionism
  • MODULE 9. The Holocaust
  • MODULE 10. Torah and Covenant
  • MODULE 11. Weekly Torah Portions (parashiyot) from a Messianic Perspective
  • MODULE 12. The Jewish Calendar and the Constellations
  • MODULE 13. The Sabbath and New Moon Feasts
  • MODULE 14. A Brief Introduction to the Spring Biblical Feasts


Each module contains several chapters which deal thoroughly with different aspects related to the title’s theme, concluding with thought provoking reflections for the individual reader or group study.


400+ pages.  ISBN……………………. $25USD per book and $60USD for a set of 3 (plus postage)

Available from Autographed copies can be obtained directly from the author at for South African residents and world-wide.

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